Monday, May 30, 2016

Well Hi Everybody!

Bet you thought I got lost or something.
Life is just so exciting that I can't keep up with all my fun things.
Wow have I been doing things. Lots of fun things.

Let me get you caught up.  I now weigh 33 pounds.  I am really getting to be a big girl.  That's what Mama says and she knows everything. I am  always hungry and I eat 6 cups of doggie food a day. I know you think that is a lot but I am a growing girl.  Mama feeds me 3 times a day.  We start at 5:30 in the morning. and then noon and then 5 at night.  I can't wait for each meal to come.  So........hungry!!!

Now you probably are wondering how my potty breaks are doing.  Well I really do try and Mama tries but sometimes she just forgets that I need to go a lot.  I don't want to blame her. She is just a human.  I don't see what is so wrong with going when you have to go.  Mama says "Oh Charlie I messed up and missed your signal to go out"  Honestly sometimes I just squat and forget about asking to go out. This potty stuff is not easy.  Mama is good and never yells at me.  She just cleans it up and then takes me out again.  I think this is why I spend all my time in the kitchen-not that I'm complaining because it sure smells good when things are cooking.

Mama takes me out for little walks now because I have all my shots.  I was very brave seeing Dr. Godwin and her staff.  They are nice to me and give me lots of treats.  They laugh at me and that makes me happy.  Here's a picture of us together.
I have had a fun 3 weeks with lots of friends coming to see me.  There was Aunt Linda from Virginia. We went to the beach and Mama and Aunt Linda threw sticks for me. Mama and Aunt Linda went to college together.  I don't know what college is but I pretended that I did.  Aunt Linda had Lily's sister. Lily was my Mama's dog before me.  Sad story she said.  Someday when I get bigger she will tell me about Lily and her other doggie, Dallas.  Now she just cries when she tries to explain. 
Ok so let's get back to fun things.  Here is a picture of me getting the stick  that Aunt Linda threw.
Then Maggie and Jonny came to visit me from California.  They are so much fun.  Maggie laughed at me and put me in her lap.  Mama was a little nervous I think.  She was afraid that I would hurt Maggie with my super sharp teeth but I was a good girl.  We went to the beach again and went for a walk in downtown Beaufort.  Lots of humans and it was a bit scary but I found out that if I look really cute and don't bite humans they give me treats when I go in their stores.
Here's a couple  pictures of me on the beach and with the family.

 Then to even have more fun Mama's friends from Virginia came to visit - I don't know what a Virginia is but it sure brings nice people. I met Sam, Jessica and a little human, Baby Carys.  They took the baby to the beach and I stayed home-Boomer!! But we then went to the park and played fetch.  Gotta say I am getting pretty good at that stuff.  Mama throws a stick and I go get it and it makes  my Mama so happy when I bring it back to her.  Here I am with the little human
Ok it's time again.  Gotta go and get my dinner.  Did I say I really like to eat.  I promise I will not take so long to get back to everyone again.  Woof!Woof! Charlie


  1. Way to go, Charlie! You are learning so fast and doing so good!

  2. You're getting so big Charlie!

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