Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hi Everybody,

My name is Charlie and YES I am a little girl puppy. I'm 13 1/2 weeks olds.  Don't you think I'm cute!!  My mom thinks so - I'm sure of it.

So I bet you want to know something about me.  I can't remember much of the beginning but Mom told me I have 10 other brothers and sisters.  I haven't seen them in awhile. I missed them so much when I went to my new home with my human mom.  I cried a lot when I left but it's ok now.  My human mom, her name is Mama, short for Mom, is a nice human and well she and I are going to do great things together - that's what she told me and I believe her. 

Ok, so a little background.  I was born on January 28, 2016 in Norlina, North Carolina and lived at Golden Rose Kennels.  My human person was Julie Cooke.  I think I would maybe know her but not sure.  Maybe a couple of sniffs and that would do it.  - You know I have a good sniffer!

As you can tell already, I am a puppy going in all directions.  I start something but then oop! I change directions. Maybe just a leaf on the ground - I love to chase leaves and chewing on sticks is so awesome.  Now that I'm maturing, I am not so much into stones but they sure were good for a few weeks.

I hope you'll follow my story.  Gotta go- no I mean I really gotta go potty.  I'll be back soon to tell you more.  Woof-Charlie


  1. Charlie is living the dream!

  2. Can't wait for that grand day when you graduate Therapy Pooch School and join us in the field!