Friday, August 5, 2016

Hi Everybody,

Charlie here!

Guess who is growing up? Yup it's me!!!
I am now over 50 lbs .  Started at 12 lbs back in March.

I am wearing a large harness and Mama's says that since I am getting better with not chewing  things, I can use a real leash, not the chain.  I did like chewing on the chain though.  I have most of my big girl teeth, just missing a few.  Mama wants to brush them but you know I don't like it. She fools me sometimes and puts a little peanut butter on the brush and then it's okay.
I am eating 3 cups of food each day.  I really love to eat but Mama says I eat way too fast so she only gives me half and then gives me the other half when the dish is empty which is in 15 seconds.   I really think that gets me to eat faster because I want to make sure I get it all.  Sometimes she puts all my food in a Kong Wobbler and I have so much fun knocking over to get out all my dinner. It takes longer and Mam thinks she is tricking me to eat slower. Well it works.
Still get puppy food and can't understand why I don't get big girl food. Mama says I need all the special nutrients (don't have a clue what that is) because I am still growing.  No problem I love it all.
I wake up at 5:30 a.m. every morning. That is because I  sleep longer and don't need to wake Mama up at 4:30 like I used to do.  Mama is sure happy about that.  And guess who is not having any accidents in the house?  Yup - me again.  Hurray.  See I really don't understand all this human stuff and I'll go wherever and whenever but my mama frowns on going potty in the house  so I sort of got the message that she is so much happier when I go outside.  Gotta keep Mama happy.
Let me tell you about some scary stuff.  Well about 2 weeks ago I just got scared when I saw strange things and some people and some sounds and lots of stuff.  My heart was pounding and Mama tried so hard to explain that these things were normal.  I said "But the dark ? and the Garbage bags? and the man with the beard?" She said "Sure Charlie- it's ok" and she took me over to see each thing with some treats of course.  So I'm ok now.  Mama said that this happens during teen years and we just need to get past it.  Glad it's done. My mama is so cool and she never makes me do anything that I am afraid of doing.   Guess you're wondering if I still am afraid of the BIG, BIG ocean - Oh well -sort of still.  She said it will come with time and that someday I will have so much fun jumping in after my ball.  We'll see. 
Mama left me last weekend. Can you just believe that??  She always takes me places but said I could not go on this trip. Well the nerve. She seemed a little nervous so I pretended to be real brave.  Had a nice lady come take me out a bunch of times and it was ok.  I got to sleep in the kitchen at night. Wow was that cool, not my crate.  I like my crate at night but this was something special.  I was a very good girl and didn't do any bad things.  Before I knew it, Mama was back and she brought me so many cool toys from Kong.  Awesome! 
We still practice training (don't understand that word either) except that we always have fun together doing lots of new things.  I walk pretty good on the leash, Mama says, and I can stay in 1 place without moving while Mama walks away from me and I can circle around Mama when she says "Around".  I know she loves it and she says I need to do all these things so we can have fun doing more things.  Humans- they just don't get it. I think my mama is an overachiever (whatever that means).   I'm happy chewing my bones and running after balls.  We always have fun. 
I like our nights together.  Before I go night-night, I get to lay down on the big bed with Mama and we do girl stuff.  Just talking about the day and what we did and how much we love each other. You know that kind of stuff.  I am hoping someday that maybe Mama will let me sleep with her on the bed at night.  I'm not going to push it right now but it sure would be fun.  
Today Mama does not have to work so we are chilling out together at home.  NICE!!!!
See ya,


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